I've been working with Helen since April, and it's been truly transformative. I had been suffering with increasingly debilitating perimenopausal symptoms for some time and was floundering as, due to a family history of breast cancer and endometriosis, HRT isn't recommended. The Dr had already told me I would just need to grit my teeth and get through it! I first heard about Helen through a friend, then attended an online menopause symposium at which she spoke, and her enthusiasm and knowledge was so compelling I arranged my first appointment straight after this.

I have now had 7 appointments with Helen and feel so much better. My hot flushes and insomnia have eased, I have more energy, my brain fog has decreased, and a friend has recently commented on how well I look!

I really can't recommend Helen enough.  She is so knowledgeable, super positive and has lots of empathy.  She never judges and takes a very holistic approach covering nutrition, supplements, mental health, lifestyle, exercise etc. My journey to better health is a work in progress, but I know with Helen's support it will continue to improve."

“Speaking with Helen is like chatting to a friend who has all the information you need. She kindly and clearly conveys all the pertinent information with a presentation and/or follow-up documentation to give you the tools needed to make heathy and nutritious choices. We discussed food, lifestyle, mental health, supplements, exercise, emotions, family & friends, social media.... and anything else to complete the holistic approach that creates the best environment to success. I wanted to concentrate on feeling healthy, strong and energetic and after regular sessions, where I took in the advice and put in the work, I feel AMAZING! 

Helen is genuinely interested and excited to share her knowledge and see you succeed. I absolutely couldn't recommend her enough“

“When I look back to how I was when I first approached Helen I remember being irritable, not sleeping, lacking energy. Basically, getting by. As a runner, none running friends would look at me like I was mad, saying I wanted more energy and I'd never dare suggest having a few pounds to shift. I knew my diet needed to improve.....creme eggs for breakfast weren't ideal, but again most people would say that I could get away with it.

Helen understood, and made me understand that my body was different now to how it was years ago. I needed to work with my body, rather than make it fight harder than it had to.

With Helen's guidance I changed my diet…..aiming to fuel my body through seeing how I could make each meal work better for me. It was never about denying foods, but about making better choices, getting a better balance, bringing my blood sugar back under control.

I noticed the changes almost immediately. Other people are now commenting on my healthy glow. I am sleeping so much better, not getting as wound up and my training and general well-being have improved dramatically.“

“I am just starting my twelfth week working with Helen and I am over the moon with how far I have come. As a 34-year-old with decades of ingrained disordered eating behaviours I was convinced it would take forever to get to any form of "normal". But Helen has helped me to introduce new healthy behaviours, bit by bit, and within my own boundaries. I am amazed at the amount of improvement in such a small space of time. What felt impossible just a short time ago now feels relatively normal. I have a long way to go but the journey feels self-led, supported and totally doable.

Helen has worked with me since day one to find the right foods for me that are within my "safe" zone and my budget. Rather than being prescriptive, she has encouraged me to explore the foods that I am comfortable eating, then expanded on those with some slight easy tweaks and suggestions. Helen is incredibly knowledgeable and also incredibly down to earth. She is super easy to talk to and to open up to, and she hasn't once made me feel like any of my own self-judgements are justified.

Helen is like a personal cheer-leader and I feel confidently that she genuinely cares about me and my wellbeing. She is open and honest. I leave every session with a clear idea of what is working for me, what isn't, and where I can make small changes to improve even more.

I look forward to sessions with Helen and am enjoying the process - a surprise to me as I was convinced before meeting Helen and starting this journey that every step would be hard, overwhelming and daunting. I am already noticing significant improvements in my mental and physical health, and I can see that with every tough hurdle the personal reward will be more than worth it. Thank you for all your help so far! “

“I found Helen online when I was looking for someone to help me with Chronic Fatigue after Sepsis. I'd made some gains myself but had hit a wall in my recovery and was unable to walk further than around the block without exhaustion and pain. When we first started working together Helen did an in-depth assessment of my medical history, diet and lifestyle and my goals She put me at ease straight away and was friendly, easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and dietary supplementation in relation to fatigue. She gave me detailed, tailored advice and always followed this up with plans and recommendations in writing.


Having got stuck with my recovery for over a year, I was amazed that I was able to increase my walking distance to over a mile after just two appointments. Helen has been like a miracle worker for me and I can't recommend her enough. She's opened my eyes to the power of good nutrition and it's potential to have a significant impact on health and healing. Thank you Helen, you're amazing!”

“I approached Helen for some advice for my teenage daughter initially, then myself. She was fantastic with my daughter and helped her to understand good nutrition in a very relaxed and age appropriate way. During my first session with Helen, she looked at my situation in detail, and clearly demonstrated an excellent background knowledge. She shared this knowledge in a very accessible way. I had thought my diet was reasonable, but with her simple suggestions, I have lost weight and feel so much better in myself - amazing how good nutrition can improve so many aspects of your health and wellbeing!"

“I had been living with a secret for years and struggled with an eating disorder. It took over my life and my disorder controlled me. My night-time binging was uncontrollable, and I was in torment. Along this difficult journey I was so ashamed that I believed that I could deal with this alone. I had never even considered working with a nutritional therapist before and it has changed my life.


Helen's gentle, non-judgemental and caring approach made me realise it actually wasn’t my fault! Helen guided me to a number of approaches of self-care. She is there for me every step of the way. The recovery is slow but the abuse was long, and this is crucial to anyone's understanding that therapy takes time and will be completed when we feel right and in control again. I would advise anyone with an eating disorder never to walk the journey alone. There is no shame, and, with Helen and other professional services you will be on the journey to peace, because that is what we all aspire to be; peaceful and in harmony with ourselves and others. Thank you, Helen.”

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Helen. She has transformed our lives. She is very thorough and helpful and is extremely caring. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for us. Amazing"

"I feel so much better already! After doing a day’s activity I still have energy rather than needing a nap. I feel like a different person!"

"Helen was friendly and engaging and knowledgeable. She was understanding in the issues of my disability, mobility and diet. She listened to my needs and formulated a plan that I have found easy to keep on track with."

"Thank you so much for everything. With your help I feel that I am getting there, and am feeling healthier and happier."

"Mood and energy wise I am feeling really good, although I have been since you first helped me!"

"I think everything is going amazingly…..I can’t thank you enough"