Oct 27 2021

6 tips to stop the afternoon sugar cravings (and why we get them in the first place)

Why do we get afternoon sugar cravings? Afternoon sugar cravings used to be my achilles heel. I could just about get through the mornings by dodging the office biscuit tin and drinking endless cups of ...

Aug 25 2021

Soy intake after breast cancer. Is it safe?

The research into soy intake and breast cancer risk is very much a grey area and this makes it controversial. As a lifelong people pleaser, sticking my head above the parapet and heading into the ...

Jul 26 2021

The perimenopause. Signs, symptoms and natural solutions

Do you sometimes feel like you might be going completely crazy? To the outside world you function fine, but on the inside you feel hyper stressed, anxious, paranoid and completely overwhelmed? Do you dream about ...

Dec 30 2020

Stilling the snow flurries

I love these days between Christmas and New Year, a pause in the middle of the madness providing time to reflect on the outgoing year and redefine dreams and goals for the year ahead. Like ...

May 1 2020

Have you ever watched a blackbird run across the grass?

Watching my world shrink and sprout wings. After weeks of blue skies and baked earth, the weather has finally turned. I thought that when this happened I would be massively disappointed, but actually there is ...
Gut health

Jan 28 2020

Gut health; a whistle-stop tour

You may well be familiar with the term gut health, it has become a bit of a buzz word in the health and wellness industry. There are products popping up everywhere from breakfast cereals to ...