May 1 2020

Have you ever watched a blackbird run across the grass?

Watching my world shrink and sprout wings. After weeks of blue skies and baked earth, the weather has finally turned. I thought that when this happened I would be massively disappointed, but actually there is ...
Gut health

Jan 28 2020

Gut health; a whistle-stop tour

You may well be familiar with the term gut health, it has become a bit of a buzz word in the health and wellness industry. There are products popping up everywhere from breakfast cereals to ...

Sep 5 2019

When is a Calorie not a Calorie?

Q: When is a Calorie not a Calorie? A: When you eat it. This is about managing weight, and why calorie counting does not work. Delete all your calorie counting apps now…….or read on, and ...

Aug 23 2019

Because we ordered cinnamon buns

It’s funny how a chance start to your day can set you off on an unexpected but highly agreeable trajectory. Friday is mostly a research and writing day. I always wake up excited on a ...

Jun 19 2019

“Don’t eat when you are stressed, angry or sad.”

Really?! This little mind-blowing statement comes from the amazing Emeran Mayer; gastroenterologist, neuro-scientist, researcher and world-leader in the area of gut-brain interactions. Mind-blowing, because it is pretty safe to say that the majority of us ...

Jun 19 2019

Blog alert

The blog has changed! Ok, so after only one post I do appreciate that there isn’t a huge amount to work with here. But this is exactly the point. My first post was more reference ...