The blog has changed!

Ok, so after only one post I do appreciate that there isn’t a huge amount to work with here. But this is exactly the point.

My first post was more reference paper than blog. Tricky to digest and nigh on impossible to absorb. And also, to be honest, pretty dull to write. Which is why, to date, there is only one post.

I love my job. Yes, it is incredibly challenging, but I have become one of those curious characters, who if they won the lottery would carry on working. The emerging science relating to health, happiness and the gut-brain, mind-body connection is utterly fascinating and I spend most of my spare time either reading and researching related topics, or attempting to practice what I preach.

My passion is sharing my knowledge in hopefully a fun and inspiring way. Hence the epic fail with my first blog post. Neither fun, nor inspiring – although dutifully informative!

So, from now on my blog will be more relaxed.  It will be just as grounded in science but will include a bit more passion and opinion. In short it will be the very definition of a blog: “A regularly updated web page, written in an informal or conversational style”. I do hope you will join me.update

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