Helen Lambert


Hello! I'm Helen.

I’m on a mission to free women from the shackles of diet culture. Why? Because diets don’t work. Most diets fail in the long term. But we are not taught this. We are taught that diet failure is because of something we did wrong, our lack of effort or lack of willpower. No one ever says it’s the diet’s fault, not ours. So, we keep trying, each time setting ourselves up for another failure.

I remember first controlling my food around the age of twelve. I copied my mother and gave up chocolate and sweets for lent. My school friends were in awe of my willpower which made me feel special. Through my teens we all dieted, skinny was good and fitting in mattered.

In my twenties I rebelled; I became a binge-drinking, chain-smoking party girl. Food consisted of crisp sandwiches, pot noodles, cake and sweets. I gained weight but didn’t care.

In my thirties I discovered exercise; cycling, running, racing and ultramarathons. I had found a new way to beast my mind and my body. I quit the booze and lurched between obsessive healthy eating (which, with hindsight, I got completely wrong) and sugar binges. I weighed myself daily and became fixated by the number on the scales. I was fit, but far from healthy.

By my early forties I had joined the world of epic work stress. Hello anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and goodbye fitness. I had a mini midlife crisis and once out the other side I decided to follow my passion and retrain in nutrition - four more years of stress, but with a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, the light turned out to be ER+ stage 2 breast cancer which I was diagnosed with one month after turning fifty.

So, here I was, helping people fix their nutrition and lifestyles while my health was falling apart. I was juggling two demanding jobs, I was stressed up to my eyeballs, I had raging perimenopausal anxiety, I was using food and obsessive exercise to control my emotions and to top it all off I now had cancer. Great.

It was my wake-up call. Time to apply all my newly acquired knowledge to me (so much easier said than done!). It was hello to balance and goodbye to obsession. This was going to take practice. Over the past few years, I have made some big changes to my life. I am now much better at ‘walking my talk’ and am doing really well. I am still a work in progress but for the first time ever, I feel like the real me is enough just as she is.

I love my work and am passionate about helping women, like you, break free from diet culture and rid yourself of food obsession, food fear, sugar cravings, binges, yo-yo diets and all the frustrating symptoms that come hand in hand with this. I've been there and I know just how exhausting and dispiriting it is, and how rubbish it can make you and your body feel. But it really doesn’t have to be like this. There is a much better way.

Please do get in touch, I would love to hear your story.

Helen x

Great nutrition is about nourishing body and mind, living life to the fullest, and being the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping people, like you, live a fitter, healthier and happier life.

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My qualifications

I am a BANT Registered Nutritionist (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine), and Nutritional Therapist accredited by the Complementary National Healthcare Council (CNHC); an accredited register approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, I am bound by the strict codes of conduct and professionalism determined by these bodies.

I am currently studying part-time for my post graduate Masters Degree in Personalised Nutrition (level 7). Prior to this I studied for four years with the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, gaining my Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. I am trained to degree level equivalent (level 6).

I have undertaken post graduate training (level 7) in Nutrigenomics (Nutrigenetics), “Nutrigenomics from a Functional Medicine Perspective;” a course accredited by the Nutritional Therapy Education Commission (NTEC). I have also undertaken training with The National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCFED), courses are accredited by The British Psychological Society (BPS). I am a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine, The British Society for Integrative Oncology and The British Menopause Society.

The science behind Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine is evolving rapidly and I undertake regular continuous professional development (CPD) to ensure my research and knowledge is current and relevant to you.

When choosing a Nutritional Therapist, it is important to check they are registered with an appropriate governing body, such as BANT. You can find a database of your local BANT Registered Nutritionists here.